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Arch Hookahs

Arch Hookahs - theBAT - Modern Hookahs

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Arch Hookahs are made in the USA, complete from Plexiglas. Its modern and fully handcrafted design easily captures attention. However, appearance is not the reason for its hype.

Arch Hookahs is the first company ever to design a hookah made of Plexiglas. We prefer this material over glass because it is safer and more durable. We get the elegant look without the fragility. The down stem, however is made of actual glass. With every Arch Hookah comes only the most premium quality accessories. Its AOT bowl, release valve, DHose (Alluminum) hose, is over a $100 value of additions that come standard with every Arch. Think is doesn't make a difference? Try it yourself and see if it's appearance is the only thing to brag about.

Arch Hookah presents the second generation of the popular "BAT" Hookah. Refined, Redesigned and Retrofitted with only the best accessories in the current market. Manufactured by hand, with the highest quality of Acrylic/Plexiglass, this product's durability will out last most other "high end" hookahs in the market. The Design intent was to create an aesthetically pleasing, innovative and high performance hookah, that will fit compactly within any given environment without being a nuisance or distraction to people around.

The Glass Stem is adjustable to fit any bowl in the market.

Dimensions: L11.5" x H12" x W3.5"

Package Includes:

-\\- theBAT Hookah
-\\- Stand (IceStand)
-\\- Acrylic Decorative Rocks
-\\- AOT (Apple on Top) Vortex Bowl
-\\- Premium Aluminum/silicone hose (Dhose brand)
-\\- Air Valve (Stopper)
-\\- Tongs
-\\- Led lights

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