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Arch Hookahs

Arch Hookahs - Venus- Modern Hookahs

  • $ 234.99
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Arch Hookahs presents the goddess of all hookahs "VENUS". Manufactured by hand in the USA, VENUS will out-last most "high-end" hookahs in the market.

Modeled after the Roman goddess of beauty and love, Venus is undoubtedly unique and distinguishable from anything you have seen before. Its sleek, compact, durable design allows you to enjoy this hookah in any setting. Try it yourself to see if it's appearance is the only thing to brag about.

Dimensions: L9" x H14" x W5"

Package Includes:

-\\- the VENUS Hookah
-\\- AOT (Apple on Top) Bowl
-\\- Premium Aluminum/Silicone
-\\- AOT Air Valve (Stopper)
-\\- Tongs

The Glass Stem is adjustable to fit any bowl in the market.

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