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Arch Hookahs

Arch Hookahs - vSquare - Modern Hookahs

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Arch Hookah presents the second generation of the "vSquare" Hookah. Refined, Redesigned and Retrofitted with only the best accessories in the current market. Manufactured by hand, with the highest quality of Acrylic/Plexiglass, this product's durability will out last most other "high end" hookahs in the market. The Design intent was to create an aesthetically pleasing, innovative and high performance hookah, that will fit compactly within any given environment. The Glass Stem is adjustable to fit any bowl in the market.

Dimensions: L9" x H15" x W4.5"

Package Includes:

-\\- vSquare Hookah
-\\- Acrylic Decorative Rocks
-\\- AOT (Apple on Top) Vortex Bowl
-\\- Premium Aluminum/silicone hose
-\\- Air Valve (Stopper)
-\\- Tongs
-\\- Led lights

Handmade item
Materials: acrylic, plexiglass, copper, metal, glass, rubber
Made to order

Color Variety: The vSqaure hookah is all clear. The color options will change be applied to the acrylic rocks, bowl and air valve. (white, red, blue, black, gray, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange)

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