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Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones 250g

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From the makers of Hydro Herbal Molasses comes Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones, a great tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and smoke-free alternative for your hookah made in the U.S.A.

Much like other shisha steam stones on the market, Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones are porous rocks that have been injected with glycerin and other flavor fluids that when heated with hookah charcoal, produce steam rather than smoke. This method of hookah smoking is ideal for those that prefer non-tobacco alternatives, hookah lounges in cities with indoor smoking bans, and international customers that want to experience thick, flavorful smoke without the risk of tobacco import duties.

 For the best results when using Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones, it is recommended to use a hookah bowl with a raised center, such as a Phunnel Hookah Bowl or a Vortex Hookah Bowl. These types of hookah bowls prevent the fluid and smaller vapor stones from dripping into the stem of your hookah


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