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MYA Coppa Hookah

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The Coppa Mya Hookah is an excellent compact hookah. You may ask, does height matter? The answer is NO! not if the hookah is made properly. The solid construction of the Coppa allows for you to have a great smoking experience. The clay bowl fits inside the stem, with a tin screen covering the bowl, which is why you do not see any clay bowl. The handle makes the hookah convenient to carry out while going from room to room at at a party or just chillen around the house. With its durable chrome stem with and extra wide design, you will receive large and very tasty hits it also makes the hookah that much easier to pull and smoke.


MYA Copa Hookah

Type: Push-On

Single Hose Only

Total Height (from glass base to top of bowl): 5"

Base Height: 4.25"

Hose Length: 72”

Carton Box

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