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Square E-Head

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The World’s first, real portable electronic hookah. The Square E-Head connects to the top of your traditional Hookah, making your existing Hookah smoke free. That means no hot coals, no tobacco, no mess, and no smoke!

The Square E-Head is ideal for bars, hookah lounges, parties, and for in home use. The E-Head is rechargeable, and the vaporizer can be removed and refilled with your favorite e-liquid, like our very own Square Drops. The Square E-Head is the perfect alternative to traditional hookah smoking.

Package Contents:
1 - Rechargeable Square E-Head Control Panel
1 - Wall Charger
2 - 8.0mL Tanks
1 - User Manual
1- 25ml bottle of Square Drops e-liquid. Square e-juice

• Low maintenance.

• Ready to use out of the box. Quick andeasy setup.

• Smoke it everywhere: indoors and outdoors.

• Fits on all hookahs!

• With an extra large tank holding over 1800 puffs, you can take your time
  and enjoy the night

• No coals, no tobacco, no mess, just pure vaping enjoyment.

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