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Zahrah Spade Hookah Junkie Package Deal

  • $ 169.99
  • Regular price $ 249.99

Now this  is a ultimate  Hookah Junkie Deal !

We have ended the hassle of you matching and choosing bases and bowls for your hookah ! We made it simple ! We are giving you the best of the best from Charcoal,Tobacco Hose's and bowls !

Ultimately saving you $80 dollars!

Here's whats included in your Junkie Deal !

  • Zahrah Spade Stem,Tray
  • Base 
  • Ugly Tobacco 100g Flavor of your choice !
  • Disposable Hose
  • Egyptian Bowl
  • 1kilo of Cocourth Cubes !
  • Choose the flavor you want in the notes section of Ugly


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