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Bs hookah

BS Concept Hookah

  • $ 599.99

The BS HOOKAH CONCEPT shisha pipe is a Russian hookah that combines innovative features with a unique design. It is made from the best materials and has an excellent finish.

The BS HOOKAH CONCEPT shisha pipe is 63cm high and is made of high quality stainless steel. You can rotate the base 360° so you can pass around the hose without moving the shisha pipe at all.

The futuristic design conceals a system of valves so that smoke purges right around the base of the shisha and through the stem's two different sections.

The BS HOOKAH CONCEPT shisha pipe is equipped with an adjustable diffuser so you can adjust it to get your ideal draw strength.

A silicone hose and a steel mouthpiece are included.

Bowl not included.Base not included 

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