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About Us

Hookah Junkie is your premiere source for all major hookah-shisha products. As a hookah connoisseurs operated company we know our junk! For several years we have been putting together the best brands, products, and suppliers of hookah-shisha for our enjoyment and now we have released what we believe to be the best in all aspects from tobacco to hookah pipes. We Hookah Junkies have a combined experience of 20 years in this relaxing hobby so we stand behind our name of being Hookah Junkies.

What makes your shopping experience a great feeling? Here at HookahJunkie the  concept behind the Hookah junkie is to provide a platform from where hookah lovers can buy an elite assortment of hookah according to their choice. Since ancient times, hookah has been the best way to experience mind relaxation and spend quality time with friends and family. We understand the need of our esteemed patrons and we have created a perfect selection of world best quality hookah and shisha. Our selection is performed by skilled hookah professionals keeping in mind the varied choice of our valued customers.

Established in 2013. We are here to serve to hookah community and treat everyone as family.

Thank You.