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CocoUrth Cube

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• Coco Urth Cubes are shaped to fit traditional smokers, and last longer than the flats.
• These are typically used in Premium Hookah Lounges.
• Made from some of the purest coconut trees on the planet.
• With absolutely no additives or chemicals that could be harmful to the smoker.
• No taste, no smell & spark free.
• No taste, no smell & spark free.
• ///Smoke happy!
• 72 piece 'Blue Box' cube coconut charcoal 25mmx25mmx25mm

The back-story is:


We saw the need for superior quality charcoal, therefore we searched high and low to create the most euphoric hookah experience possible.

In doing so, we produced CocoUrth charcoal to ensure the most surreal hookah session which aficionados like us strive for.
We continue to bring our products to the market with consistent satisfaction across the board.
Our goal is to deliver perfection to the Hookah experience.
We believe in what we do, and you will too.

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