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Dschinni Heart Glass Hookah

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Dschinni Heart Glass Hookah


New high-quality hand-blown and hand-finished borosilicate glass 3.3, easy and quick set up by grinding, base with a glass thickness of approx. 1 cm for more stability
Material borosilicate glass 3.3 (heat-resistant, durable, odorless and tasteless, food safe, environmentally friendly)
Weight 1.2 kg
Height 37 cm
Color transparent, red
Number of people smokable with up to two persons
Optimal filling quantity
0.7 liters
touches 18.08
Diameter bowl max: 16 cm
connectors two
dip tube
diffuser no
Cut below: 18.8, above: 18.8
Outside diameter: 1.6 cm
Adapter / Valves
Ground head adapter, check valve 90 °, hose adapter: 14.4
Valve balls a
Outside diameter: 13 cm, inner hole: 1.6 cm
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Amount component
1 heart bowl
1 immersion tube
1 hose adapter
1 check valve 90 ° incl. Valve ball
1 head adapter
1 coal plates
1 silicone head gasket

→ The charcoal plate is not used to deposit the coals
→ Cleaning of individual parts only with hand washing

Extension hose adapter with 14.4 mm ground joint, all 18.8 mm Molasse catchers, all silicone hoses, all heads with up to 2.5 cm inner diameter at the head connection, glass hose holder
Skyline Bowl spare parts, polished smoke columns below: 29.2, 18.8 above (eg Helix, Beehive, Skyline Rauchsäule), Sk


Does not include silicone hose 

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