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Exotic Soda

LOOK Chocolate - MINT (2 Variety Mix)

  • $ 5.99

Try two rich and flavorful mint chocolate varieties in one pack!Fujiya has created unique mint chocolate fillings with one having a blue mint sauce inside. The other has bits of crunchy candy bits throughout the green chocolate. This limited edition release has 12 mini pieces in the slim box (6 of each flavor.) The green fillings have different consistencies and are surrounded by milk chocolate. Would make a wonderful souvenir or gift. They are as fantastic as they LOOK!

43 grams

LOOK chocolate contains hidden treasures of delicious centers. Fujiya is one of the most well-known candy makers in Japan. High quality ingredients and accurate flavors make customers come back for more. Each box has a foiled pack of 12 chocolates. Enjoy this wonderful edition of LOOK.

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