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Hookah Junkie

Avion Stick Hookah

  • $ 199.99

AVION Stick Hookah the most budget hookah stick, made entirely from 321 medical stainless steel with the addition of titanium.


- Instant vertical four-valve purge unique development

- The unique scheme of the structure of the valve purge

- Tunnel hole system to avoid sticking of balls

- Hand polished parts

- Complete cleaning of the flask from smoke

- Pressure distribution system for high purge (mine is not flooded)

- High precision machining parts

- The shape of the saucer to protect the coal



- Production material AISI 321 stainless steel

- Base material - German food polyacetal

- Height of the shaft assembly - 50 cm

- Diameter of mine - 13 mm

- Diameter of balls - 6 mm

- Hose port with rubber rings

- The weight of the mine assembly 2100 gr



- Fully collapsible mine

- 4 plastic balls for the valve

- Seals for flasks and cups

- Hose port with rubber rings

- Universal Mouthpiece 

- Soft Touch Silicone Hose 

- Removable comfort draft diffuser

- Branded packaging

- Base

- Stem

- Bowl

- Tray


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