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Nakhla Shisha Tobacco is produced in Egypt by one of the oldest and most experienced shisha manufacturers in the market. A traditional hookah tobacco that is known for its finely-tuned flavor and robust smoke quality, Nakhla is a favorite amongst traditional hookah smokers in the Middle East as well as the West.


Nakhla is the oldest and most established shisha brand manufactured in Egypt since 1913. It is the first hookah tobacco brand that has been offered worldwide to over 90 different countries. This shisha brand has had its presence in the market from a time when the western world had little or no idea about hookah. The company has carved a niche for itself as far as innovating and developing new flavors are concerned. It was the first original shisha flavor that was preceded by unflavored readymade products for decades. Nakhla is one of the few brands that trace their origins to the bygone era compared to a majority of hookah manufacturers that were founded in this century. Nakhla Shisha is sure to provide a satisfying experience to worldwide smokers. Hookah enthusiasts can shop for this popular shisha brand at Hookahjunkie that offers a wide array of Nakhla shisha products at unbeatable prices.

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