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tick tock


  • $ 10.99

Tick Tock hookah

Tock hookah is know for its  cocktail mix flavors that will really grab your senses. Tick Tock has made some mixes that are one of a kind and amazing.

Flavor Descriptions: 

24/7- Mint 

Agha- Ice Grape

Ali Baba- Grape Mint

All Day- Ice Lemon Lime 

Amor- Raspberry Vanilla 

B52- Lemon Gum Mint

Baby Blue- Ice Blueberry 

Basha- Lemon Mint 

Blue Sky- Blueberry Mint

Breeze- Ice Mint 

Caballero- Ice Double Apple Liquorice 

Caesar- Double Apple 

DO-RE-MI- Strawberry Mint

Double Trouble- Ice Double Apple

Fired Up- Ice Lemon Mint

Illusion- Gum 

Imagination- Raspberry Blueberry Blackberry 

Imperial- Ice Green Apple 

Juicy- Ice Orange 

Mamamia- Orange Vanilla 

No REGRETS- Energy Drink Blueberry 

Paradiso- Green Apple 

Pure- Ice Lemon 

Shock- Energy Drink 

Terminator- Double Grape 

Ti Amo- Bubble Gum Mint  

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