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Pharaoh's Hookahs

Pharaoh's V12 Hookah

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The V12 glass hookah offers the high performance and excellent smoke quality you expect from a glass on glass hookah, and offers a number of options that don't come standard with most glass hookahs. All of Pharaoh's new glass connection hookahs are a great value (including the Queen B with it's honeycomb diffuser), serving up the biggest and purest clouds around.

The Pharaohs V12 stands 17.5" tall and has all glass on glass connections (with the exception of the hose tip, which is metal). The down-stem is built into the hookah base, ending in a diffuser tip, and the shaft features an attractive raised semi-sphere design.

Why Glass on Glass Connections?

All the pieces of the V12 join together via frosted glass connection points. This creates airtight seals, without the need for grommets. No rubber parts means less maintenance, and keeps your smoke tasting pure. You also won't have to worry about heat or weather affecting your seal points.

There are two ports on the V12 hub, which can either operate as a valve for a 1-hose configuration or you can add a second hose, like the Pharaoh's Ghost hookah hose and convert it to a 2-hose hookah. The V12 ships with both a conventional purge valve (with glass BB) and a stopper. Using the stopper in place of the purge valve creates the tightest seal possible, and allows you to trap your smoke in the hookah base.

The V12 also includes a glass tray and a vortex style hookah bowl. All these glass parts fit snugly into the dense foam lining inside the included case, which also leaves an extra space for a spare bowl, allowing you to use specialized bowls for different types of smoking. The included hose uses silicone tubing which is resistant to ghosting and has a glass handle which allows you to see your smoke. Pharaoh's V12 Hookah

Included with the Pharaohs V12 Hookah:

Silicon hose with glass handle and metal tip
All glass hookah base with built in down-stem and diffuser
Glass vortex style hookah bowl
All glass hookah tray
Glass purge valve with glass BB
Glass stopper
Glass hookah stem
Foam lined carrying case with fitted cutouts

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