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PLX Hookahs


  • $ 180.00
  • Regular price $ 199.99

The PLX NEO hookah is the newest addition to the PLX product line. The NEO is sleek, lightweight, and nearly unbreakable.

The NEO hookah is a portable hookah, and features a highly resistant design to being tipped over. The strong plexi-glass used to make the hookah’s body will prevent it from shattering in the event it does get knocked over.

The PLX NEO features a removable top, making cleaning the inside of the hookah easier than any hookah ever invented. This design was not only intended for cleaning purposes, but also for adding fruit, ice, lights, or any other extras to your base.

While it is nearly impossible to knock the PLX Hookah over, be cautious of the coals touching the plexi-glass surface. This will damage or completely ruin the PLX, and you wouldn’t want to hurt such a pretty hookah!

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