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Al Fakher

Al Fakher Crafted Batch Shisha 250g

  • $ 21.99

 Al Fakher has done it again. Meet the Al Fakher Craft Edition. Al fakher has been in the hookah game for many years with its amazing shisha and delicious flavors. The Al Fakher Craft Edition is Al Fakhers new line and it is made with the great Al Fakher quality everyone  has known and loved. Al Fakher Crafted Batch packs a punch with its amazing flavors and smooth smoke sessions. But don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself. You wont be disappointed. 

  Cans have expired manufacturing date


Batch #4 - This deliciously  intense blend can be simply described with a four-letter word. It unites mixed apples with a touch of cool. you'll swear by batch four.
Batch #7 - Welcome to the promised land.. sublimely sweet passionfruit and glorious grapefruit combine to unlock tropical nirvana. Open the gates to Hookah heaven with the everlasting flavor of batch 7. 
Batch #8 - When the yin of earthy green tea meets the yang of sweet lemon-lime the results are positively harmonious. A refreshing hint of mint brings batch 8 (and the universe) into perfect balance. 

Batch #5 - Smell the candy aroma before your mouth even touches the tip. Taste a juicy mix of orange, pineapple, raspberry and lime. See the voluminous smoke and listen to the bubbling hookah. Come to your 5 senses
Batch #22 - Can it truly be called shisha when it tastes like a refreshing cocktail? It can't be both, can it? It's lime and tequila with a eucalyptus finish. It is batch 22.
Batch #86 - It starts innocently enough with grape, but here comes mulberry who's looking to mingle. They pick up raspberry and now mulled wine is flowing. Lime cranks up the volume, and when saffron arrives, your taste buds are going berserk. This flavor might just get you 86'd.
Cans have expired manufacturing date

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