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Amy Deluxe

Amir’s 701 Hookah

  • $ 220.00

The AMIRS's 701 impresses with a modern and slim design and excellent workmanship. The stand ensures a secure stand and makes the shisha a real eye-catcher. The scope of delivery includes both a sound head with hot screen and a glass head with heat box. So you have the choice between our two most popular heads. 

The unscrewable diffuser ensures a significant reduction in noise when smoking.

The  scope of delivery of the AMIR`s 701  includes:

  • Glass head and heat box
  • Sound head and hot screen         
  • Stainless steel column of smoke
  • Glass bowl with stand
  • Click system
  • Stainless steel molasse catcher
  • 2 x ground joint with ball joint
  • Chamber system
  • 4 hose connections
  • Unscrewable diffuser
  • Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
  • Hose bracket
  • Charcoal plate
  • Coal tongs


Multi-chamber system : There are two chambers under the base, the so-called "flow channels". The smoke flows through these two chambers because they are located directly under the connections. So the smoke must inevitably take the detour via the bowl and cannot accumulate when blowing out. This system means that stale smoke can be completely blown out of the glass. The AMY Deluxe multi-chamber system prevents unpleasant scratching while enjoying shisha!

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