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Amy Deluxe

Amy Carbonica Solid Hookah

  • $ 184.99

The new  AMY Carbonica Solid is characterized by the combination of wood and carbon elements. Large diameters with a low total volume of the shisha ensure the right draft when smoking. The shisha is therefore a pleasure for both the eye and in terms of taste. 

The unscrewable diffuser ensures a significant reduction in noise when smoking. 

The  scope of delivery of the Carbonica Solid  includes:

  • Stone tobacco head + hot screen
  • Ground adapter with ball joint made of stainless steel
  • 4 connections
  • Closed chamber system
  • Silicone hose + aluminum mouthpiece
  • unscrewable diffuser

Closed chamber system:  The closed chamber system offers two advantages. On the one hand, stale / scratchy smoke can be expelled from the glass with a blow. The smoke can simply be blown out through the flow channels, which point directly downwards. With conventional hookahs, this requires significantly more effort - the smoke stays in the glass! 

A closed-chamber system also improves overall smoking behavior. Smoking behavior depends on a variety of different factors, e.g. B. Inside diameter of the connections, air volume of the shisha etc. In contrast to a conventional shisha, the closed system offers a smaller air volume. This improves the hookah suit, which makes pulling easier.

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