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Amy Deluxe

AMY Deluxe Berry Mini

  • $ 79.99

The Alu Antique Berry Mini range is one of the new Amy Deluxe ranges. The hookahs in this range incorporate a new connection system between the body and the base of the hookah. The system used is the so-called KlickSystem, and it consists of a connection between both parts by means of a simple Click when turning the body inside the connection fixed to the base. In addition, they now have a traditional style chamber to clean the smoke chamber at any time of the smoke by just blowing through the hose. It has a height of 32 cm approx.The hookah is made of high quality aluminum.It includes:Alu Antique Berry Mini Amy Deluxe BodyBase with KlickSystemAmy Set Hot ScreenAsh plateConnection clamps and rubbersSilicone hose with Amy Deluxe nozzle.



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