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amy deluxe

Amy Deluxe Silicone Hookah Bowl Phunnel

  • $ 19.99
  • Regular price $ 29.99

The Silicone Hookah Bowl is a new and innovative design that will simplify your hookah experience. This Silicone Bowl is made entirely of food grade silicone that renders the bowl virtually indestructible. If you drop it, knock it over, or even if your dog gets hold of it - the Silicone Hookah Bowl will remain unbowed, unbent, and unbroken.
Even with its unbreakable design, the Silicone Hookah Bowl material  is still able to withstand the heat given off by hookah coals, so there is no need to worry about the bowl being heat-damaged or melting.This Rubber Bowl  it is made from rubber, you will not need a grommet. It stands about 3.5 inches high and will hold about 25 grams of shisha.

This is the original Amy Deluxe Silicone Bowl.

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