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Amy Deluxe

Amy Xpress Fame S ss29.02

  • $ 144.99

The latest stainless steel shisha from Amy Deluxe is the smaller version of the XPRESS series. With technical sophistication and elegant aesthetics, it ensures the optimal smoke appearance - whether at home with friends or in the evening in the hookah bar.

The highlights of this model are above all the recessed blow-out valve, the magnetic hose connection and the built-in smoke column cut, which has been designed for quick and easy combination with molasses catchers with an 18/8 cut. The other advantages of this model also include the closed chamber system and a screw-on diffuser for quiet smoking pleasure on chilled Netflix evenings.

With the smoke column in gold and bronze a normal hot screen is included, with the smoke column in stainless steel a high hot screen is supplied.


Stainless steel smoke column (scratch-resistant, antibacterial)
Smoke column cut (18.8)
1 connection (magnetic)
Recessed exhaust valve
Closed-Chamber System
5 year guarantee on the smoke column
Silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece
Coal tongs
Stone head and hot screen (high hot screen for stainless steel)

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