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Arka Savant

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Arka Savant 

The Arka Savant is the World's First Modular HMD.

  • The Arka Savant  World's Dual-Metal HMD
  • The World's First HMD Designed using Thermal Mapping Technology
  • The World's First HMD Engineered for use with Foil

Experience the Savant - tuned to cater to your smoking preferences, with exceptional ease of use, and the first of its kind to work with virtually any bowl.

As a rule, Black/Gold/Silver colorways will always be in regular production, however the fourth color will be limited to each batch and will cycle through many different colors and effects every new batch produced. So let us begin with our first limited colorway:

  • Echo Blue - striving to create a color that represents the uniqueness of the Savant, Echo Blue is the peaceful breeze in a tropic beach beaming with life and luxury.
  • Gold - we didn't want a gaudy metallic yellow, so our team of experts were tasked to create a simple and beautiful 14k Gold colorway that reflects the essence of real gold.
  • Black - this is the deepest Black we were able to create using our proprietary Anodization process without sacrificing performance.
  • Silver - real Silver is far more nuanced than just being a"white metal" and we worked tirelessly to create a colorway that reflects the subtleties of the most popular color for HMDs. The Silver Savant captures hues and shadows and reflects them with a beautiful diffusion and metallic sparkle.

The ARKA Savant is CNC machined from a single cylinder block of Pure Billet Aluminum, making it the first to not be die-cast using casting aluminum - which is a low cost alloy.

In addition to the 316 Stainless Steel laser cut inner plate that work together to bring you unparalleled flavor and performance.

 Buy Adapters and accessories here for the Savant

  • Adapter Medium - fits most bowls, predominantly any bowl that sits with the standard HMD's flush. Such as our very own ARKA Tempest LP1, Alpaca Rook, HJ Harmony, most Russian bowls from brands like Oblako and Japona. The Adapter Medium comes assembled with your purchase of the Savant.
  • Adapter Large - fits most enthusiast bowls that are a bit wider than standard HMD bowls. Such bowls include slightly oversized Rooks and Harmony bowls (usually due to inconsistencies from being handmade), Olla Roma and Moa, and all similar sized bowls

Adapter Small - fits all bowls that are flush with the Provost such as the upcoming Tempest LP1 Small, Alpaca Mini Rook, HJ 80feet and many others

Adapter Nano - fits very small-width bowls such as future

ARKA models as well as the Mason Stinger and HJ 80/80

Bridge Plate - this allows enthusiasts, for the first time, to use some of the most iconic bowls ever produced such as the Alpaca Symphony and Predator. Bridges over the spire of a bowl often rise above the rim-line, causing HMD's to wobble on top. The Bridge Plate solves this issue by incorporating a slit in its design and sits flush with any bridged phunnel.

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