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Arka Savant Accessories

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    • Adapter Medium - fits most bowls, predominantly any bowl that sits with the standard HMD's flush. Such as our very own ARKA Tempest LP1, Alpaca Rook, HJ Harmony, most Russian bowls from brands like Oblako and Japona. The Adapter Medium comes assembled with your purchase of the Savant.
    • Adapter Large - fits most enthusiast bowls that are a bit wider than standard HMD bowls. Such bowls include slightly oversized Rooks and Harmony bowls (usually due to inconsistencies from being handmade), Olla Roma and Moa, and all similar sized bowls

    Adapter Small - fits all bowls that are flush with the Provost such as the upcoming Tempest LP1 Small, Alpaca Mini Rook, HJ 80feet and many others

    Adapter Nano - fits very small-width bowls such as future

    ARKA models as well as the Mason Stinger and HJ 80/80

    Bridge Plate - this allows enthusiasts, for the first time, to use some of the most iconic bowls ever produced such as the Alpaca Symphony and Predator. Bridges over the spire of a bowl often rise above the rim-line, causing HMD's to wobble on top. The Bridge Plate solves this issue by incorporating a slit in its design and sits flush with any bridged phunnel.

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