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The ARKA Tempest was Designed & Engineered to be the most versatile bowl on the market by a curated team of experts in hookah, ceramics, and thermodynamics - led by Hookah Expert Sarkis Alexander - with a combined total of 105 years of experience in their appropriate fields.

The mission was to create a bowl that lives up to its name - Tempest, meaning a "violent storm" - so versatile it can be used with any type of shisha tobacco, any HMD, and any set up.


Utilizing our proprietary clay to deliver top tier performance, beautifully wrapped in luxurious aesthetics. The unorthodox internal & external bowl shape and first-of-its-kind Tempest spire are a result of performance-first engineering.  Every feature, every curve, was meticulously designed to work in synchronicity with one another to maximize crisp flavor notes, produce immense clouds with ease, while keeping tobacco usage to a reasonable minimum. With incredible heat retention and heat resilience, we created a bowl capable of reaching optimal temperature and maintaining it - without overheating - to accommodate all preferences, all for your smoking pleasure.


The Launch Production 1 (LP1) version offers unique design cues, flawless finish, and 6 limited colorways inspired by regions of the ancient world: Egypt, Urartu, Cilicia, Phoenicia, Greece, and the Pyrenees.


ARKA, named after the Ancient Armenian title for the "King of Kings", is a Los Angeles based hookah startup. Our primary mission is to empower, embolden, and elevate you, the hookah lover, to new heights with smart, innovative design by delivering show-stopping products to your hands. We’d love for you to be part of the launch of our first product - We want you to have the best, become the best, with as little effort as possible. Simply put, because you deserve more. Your throne awaits, take it.


ARKA | Take Your Throne.™

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