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ATH T-Brass BA - Pak Base / Hurrem Stem

  • $ 385.00
  • Regular price $ 399.99

The hookahs from Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH) are shishas that stand out from the crowd with their outstanding quality and smoking properties. ATH Hookah kept in traditional style and are made in high precision workmanship.

A detachable diffuser is attached to the downtube. The base of the hookah consists of a closed chamber system. A hose connection with cut and a valve are located at the base and we recommend to use an original ATH coffee hose, because it has the suitable cut for the connection.

Included in delivery:
- Glass with 24 carat gold ornaments
- Stem made of brass
- Stainless steel inner tube for the stem
- Diffusor
- Base with closed chamber system (1 hose-connection and 1 valve)
- Ash plate

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