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B2 Hookah

B2 F-22 Hookah Complete (Splash Edition)

  • $ 599.99


Made in the USA and coming from the brand we all know and love is the B2 F-22 Splash edition. The B2 F-22 stands at about 21 inches and is a light weight hookah made from aerospace 6061 grade aluminum, has a unique purge system, comes in a unique  beautiful color, and is designed to have a wide open and smooth draw. The B2 F-22 is a must have hookah. 


Items included:

  • 1 F-22 Tray piece
  • 1 F-22 Body piece
  • 1 F-22 Heart piece
  • 1 F-22 DownStem piece
  • KM bell Base



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