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Carbopol Hookah Coals - 35mm

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Carbopol are a new brand of quick-lighting hookah coals which come to us all the way from Poland. These are high quality coals which give off a minimal smell when being lit and should not impart any flavors on your shisha, allowing the true flavor of your shisha to shine through.
Each box of 35mm Carbopol hookah coal contains 10 individually wrapped rolls of 10 coals. This means you are getting 100 awesome Carbopol coals in each box. You will likely need to use 1 to 2 coals per bowl, depending on it's size, which means that this box will likely last you for over 50 bowls.
To light these coals, simply hold a single coal in your tongs, and light the corner of a coal with a cigarette lighter. You should see some light sparks and you will smell the coal when it begins to light. Place the coal on the ash tray of your hookah or in a charcoal carrier and wait for it to become fully lit. You will know your coal is fully lit and ready to use when it is covered in a thin layer of gray ash with a glowing core.

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