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The new and spectacular Zulu 2.0 Army Edition is an improved version of our previous Zulu 2.0 Monster Incresendo creation.

This is a bowl made especially for silver paper, hence the flat edges that make the aluminum tense and is fixed perfectly.

Made with a new combination of pips from different continents and new ingredients this bowl achieves a taste management and a duration never seen, because it has a progressive performance that makes the intensity of the flavor and the smoke it produces goes in crescendo.

Even undergoing carbon changes the performance of this bowl goes to more.

A duration and an incomparable flavor with a tobacco expenditure of about 11 grams approx.

Handmade one by one around handmade pottery guarantee to maintain the flavor quality of herbs, tobacco, gels or any product for much longer.

More smoke, more flavor, more durability and innovative designs present us in the edition Army Edition.

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