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Conceptic Design

Conceptic Design Smart Hookah Carbon

  • $ 285.99

Conceptic Design Smart Carbon is a mini hookah pipe produced in Russia. It has the AISI304 stainless steel shaft, which is 0.4 inches in diameter. The external decoration is made of carbon fiber pipe 1,3 inches in diameter. This compact hookah is 16 inches high and is weight is 4.4 lb. To connect the valve and hose to the shaft, the manufacturer uses O-rings that are very reliable. All the parts of Smart Carbon hookah are corrosion-free! This hookah comes with a Smart Hookah Tray that features a ground joint connection system of two rings and a collar for easy mounting on the stem. This hookah tray is coated with high-temperature black paint and has a brand logo on it. 

The package includes a shaft, tray, vase, mouthpiece, and silicone hose.

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