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Conceptic Design


  • $ 44.99

The heat controller is made of stainless steel. The fully one-piece construction gives it great durability and reliability in operation.

The wall of the heat controller is unique to the hookah market. There are 2 slots in the top diameter of the wall for easy and safe use of the tongs.
The wall on both sides has a stepped shape to put 4 coals in three options.
1. High heat intensity: 2 top coals are placed in the V-shaped cutout on the wall.
2. Medium heat intensity: The 2 top coals are placed on top of the V-shaped notch on the wall.
3. low heat intensity: the 2 top coals are ribbed over the “ears” with the slots for the tongs.
This variability in heat control helps to achieve the right temperature setting for any tobacco and type of filler.

The large number of holes on the bottom ensures good air circulation and even heat distribution throughout the mixture. Ribbed bottom to increase air circulation between the charcoal and the bottom. This prevents the charcoal from fading.

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