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Contraband Iced Out Hookah

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The Iced Out Hookah is here to take your smoking experience to the next level. This unique and luxurious German hookah features an iced-out chamber, perfect for those who want to chill out and add a touch of sparkle to their session. Its creative design features an acrylic cylinder that once packed with ice will keep your smoke chilled while you enjoy smooth and enjoyable draws. This hookah is perfect for social events or just lounging around the house as it keeps your smoke chilled while still delivering maximum flavor. Get ready for a smoking session like no other with the Iced Out Hookah by Contraband Hookah.

Features/Whats included:
• 23.5 inches tall from base to top of the stem (taller with head & hmd)
• Stainless steel stem, down stem & heart with acrylic ice chamber
• Glazed funnel bowl
• Stainless steel chimney heat management system
• 360 degrees purge, from the heart downwards – jetpack purge can purge down up or up down
• Stainless mouthpiece with soft touch hose with tension spring
• Diffuser included
• Clear heavy crystal base with leather strap and metal plate logo
• Stainless Steel Tongs
• Made in Germany

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