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Contraband Scarface Gold Edition V2

  • $ 159.99
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Experience the luxurious lifestyle of Tony Montana with the Scarface Hookah. This one-of-a-kind, German handcrafted hookah stands out with its eye-catching design, featuring a totally customizable purge. Its adjustable rings allows you to control the direction of the purge. With its sleek black and white finishes and stainless steel golden accents, this hookah is perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere while you enjoy quality time with friends or family. Enjoy an evening fit for a king with the Scarface Tony Montana Hookah today!

Features/Whats included:
• 23 inches tall from base to top of the stem

• Stainless steel stem & down stem and heart with white resin printed sleeve
• Glazed funnel bowl
• Stainless steel chimney heat management system
• 360 degrees purge, with multiple purge options
• Stainless steel mouthpiece with soft touch hose with tension spring
• Diffuser included
• Clear heavy crystal base colors may vary.
• Stainless Steel Tongs
• Made in Germany

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