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B2 Hookah

B2 Hookah® Precious Cut Collection™ California Sky Blue

  • $ 749.99

B2 Hookah® Precious Cut Collection™ California Blue 

Limited Quantities Made.

Precious Cut Collection™  Each piece is 1 of 1, no two Precious Cut Collections™ are the same. We have created a mixture of wood colors as well as resin color compounds. Each piece is individually designed, lathed, sanded, and polished to its beauty.

What’s Included:

  1. B2 PCC Stem:
    B2 Top Piece
    (1) B2 Precious Cut Collection Body Piece
    B2 Base Piece
    B2 Stem Piece
    B2 Purge Valve with Ball
    B2 Hose Valve
    B2 Diffuser
  2. B2 v2 Tray
  3. B2 v4 Hose
  4. Carrying Case
  5. Authenticity Card
  6. Instruction Card & Packet

(Vase NOT included!)
Limited Time Only!

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