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Darkside Tobacco

Darkside Tobacco 200 grams

  • $ 29.99

Darkside hookah tobacco quickly gained popularity of hookah tenders in 2015 due to the high quality raw materials, German flavors, no chemical taste, as well as a wide range of products. In the Dark side product line beginners and experienced smokers will find a suitable flavor.

Darkside tobacco in itself is something that encourages you to try it once in your lifetime. The flavor profiles concentrate on delivering exotic aroma, but it boasts a significant buzz while providing an intense flavor from start to finish. With serious flavors like basil blast. Supernova, Lemon Blast, bananapapa, and Red Alert, it’s easy to find something you will enjoy so long as you can source it. This rustic yet straightforward flavor gives you an ultimate buzz while intaking such flavor

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