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The Bowl of the Botan consists of hand-blown borosilicate glass and is very expensive to produce, the bowl of the hookah has a solid base, which gives the shisha a special look and the shisha functionally guarantees a solid state. The base has a wall thickness of 10mm, which is an incomparable quality, considering that the whole is made of borosilicate which must be hand-blown at great expense.

The stainless steel parts are made of very high quality 304 stainless steel (V2A) and in detail you can see the precise processing, which reflects the level of production quality of Dschinni. 
There are no burrs or sharp threads in the hookah, where the threads are processed so precisely with a special process that they can be screwed butter-soft. 
Jinni's modern closed chamber system has been enjoying great joy among most customers since the hybrid. The closed chamber system provides a more comfortable pull, due to the reduced volume, and allows the complete blowing out of stale smoke from the bowl to make room for fresh smoke.

The Botan looks harmonious with its curves and curves and in the overall impression very harmonious and stylish, even if it is a modern hookah, it perfectly embodies the charm of oriental hookahs.

The Botan stands for elaborate production processes, the highest quality and a stylish look

Botan Stands at 25.5 inches tall

Hookah is 4 hose COMPATIABLE

Included in box....

1x bowl, 1x thread, 1x dip tube, 1x base with four connections, 1x tube adapter, 1x blind plug, 1x blow-off valve incl. Valve ball, 1x diffuser, 1x smoke column (2-part), 1x head adapter, 1x carbon plate, 1x silicone head seal

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