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Coming all the way from Germany and making its appearance as a new model to the dschinni line is the Dschinni Pico Silver Hookah. The pico is the successor of the dschinni Flexx Hybrid. The pico is made up of aluminum and stainless steel. The parts that are prone to corrosion are made of stainless steel and the rest is made of aluminum. If you think about it, its like buying a stainless steel hookah for the price of an aluminum one. The Base is a high borosilicate glass that rated at 3.3, which is the highest rated glass for shisha's that you can buy. This base is made to be easy to clean, durable, and also more resistant to heat. 

Material:  High borosilicate glass 3.3 (heat-resistant (very high melting point!), Durable, odorless and tasteless, food safe, environmentally friendly, light weight, very stable and robust, dishwasher-safe),

304/4301 stainless steel 18/8 -  18% chromium content + 8% nickel content  (absolutely suitable for foodstuffs, rustproof, acid-resistant, dishwasher-safe, tasteless, use in the pharmaceutical industry and in medical technology),

New: closed-chamber-system (simple and fast assembly through easy-going threads)

Weight: around 3 Lbs

Height: 16.5 inches

Color: silver, transparent

Number of persons: Smoking up to two people

Immersion tube: 140 mm

Bowl: diameter max. 160 mm

Smoke column: 160 mm

Adapters / valves: blow-off valve, hose adapter, ground: 14.5

Plate: outer diameter: 200 mm, inner bore: 16 mm, cut: 18.8

Included in box

1x bowl, 1x thread, 1x dip tube, 1x base with two connections, 1x hose adapter, 1x blow-off valve, 1x head adapter, 1x smoke column, 1x carbon plate, 1x silicone head gasket

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