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El Chapo Hookah

  • $ 188.99
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The El Chapo hookah is the perfect travel hookah on the go and is made of V2A stainless steel and real carbon. The El Chapo hookah is Contraband Hookahs answer

Since the body of the El Chapo hookah is made of real carbon and not glass, it is also perfect for festivals and very stable. The El Chapo has been designed with the entire center of gravity of the hookah down and although so small, it stands very stable and does not tip over easily. This hookah has a diffuser which ensures a pleasant smoking experience. This hookah features a mystical tray purge.

• 13 inches tall from base to top of the stem (taller with head & hmd)
• 304 Stainless steel hookah with carbon fibre sleeve
• Glazed funnel bowl
• Stainless steel chimney heat management system
• 360 degrees Tray Purge
• Carbon Fibre mouthpiece with soft touch hose with tension spring
• Diffuser included
• Forged Carbon Fibre with Flakes
• Stainless Steel Tongs
• Travel Bag included
• Made in Germany

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