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Everember Rey Hookah

  • $ 144.99
  • Regular price $ 149.99

Ever Ember is proud to introduce al all new line of resin hookahs to the hookah community. Our innovative slick design made of top quality materials,precisely measured and engineered to create an entirely new smoking experience. our handmade resin stems are dyed,sanded and polished with care. Each stem has its own natural unique beauty to compliment your own style.

our hookahs are equipped with a qps quick purge system that adds a trendy look to your hookah and improve your smoking performance.

Ever Ember is changing the shape and feel of your hookah device to power your new smoking experience 

 What’s in the Box!

  • resin and aluminum stem
  • marching resin hose handle
  • soft touch silicone hose
  • resin poker 
  •  Resin mouth tip
  • grommets for base and bowl 
  • grommet free hose port 
  • stainless steel downstem 
  • hose spring 
  • glass tray 
  • glass base
  • bowl 



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