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  • $ 7.99

At Flavorade we strive to provide the markets best quality mixed flavor blends for your hookah experience without overbearing your tastebuds. From the second of your appetizing inhale, to the blissful moment of exhale, this savory fusion aims to set the standard for flavor satisfaction. We take pride in providing a exceptional product for a honest price. So do yourself a flavor and turn your conventional hookah/water-pipe water base into the crowd pleasing, flavor rich Flavorade.

Flavorade was developed and inspired from perfected artisan flavors all around the world to compliment the shisha taste. Hand blended with premium quality food grade & safe ingredients only, Flavorade ingredients stand far above the industry standard of what should be going into the base of your clouds. Squeeze to perfection knowing every last handcrafted drop was made with as much care as shisha deserves. Proudly made in USA.

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