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Frigate Ogonek Metal Funnel Bowl

  • $ 130.00

This is the bowl I personally use all the time and its amazing!

Shisha consumption: 3-10 grams This fire is a new product from tobacco manufacturer FRIGATE. This is a metal hookah bowl made from a special aluminum alloy, taking into account all modern requirements. Performed in the form of a radiator, the bowl allows you to comfortably smoke even a small amount of shisha without fear of "overheating" mixture. Specifications from the manufacturer (expense): 3-4 grams of tobacco and three charcoal (25mm) - 35 min smoking 8-10 g tobacco 3 charcoal (25mm) - 50-55 min 8-10 g tobacco 4 charcoal q 1h15 min 8-10 g tobacco 6 coals, 2 hours The bowl has a high taste, capacity for coals and is not subject to mechanical damage. Country Producer: Russia

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