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Mason Bowls

Helyx 2 Shishaware Bowl

  • $ 94.99

The iconic HELYX® is back with an emphasis on performance! We are excited to bring you HELYX 2. Dense pack it, fluff pack it there is room for 12-16 grams. Great for those who want the flexibility of the Gravyl® but at a smaller capacity. HMD and Provost friendly with a design to ensure performance on both blonde and dark flavors. Saving you shisha and coals by prolonging your session due to its thick heat retaining walls. Features include grooved spire for airflow and flared lip to make drum tight foil packs a breeze.  The premium glazing used not only aesthetically stands out but ensures cleaning after use is a breeze.

HELYX® is completely handmade in USA using proprietary tools designed in-house for consistency. Best of all its made of our Dark Shishaware our proprietary claybody made for heat retention and a thorough cook every time.


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