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Isfahani Tobacco

  • $ 13.99

Isfahani Tobacco 

Isfahani Premium Tombac is an unwashed natural tobacco leaf for your hookah that is smoked without using any glycerin or natural flavors. It is a traditional Tombac that comes packaged as a compressed brick of large tobacco leaves and requires some preparation before it is ready to smoke since you need to soak it in water until the leaves have softened. Afterward, very carefully ring out the excess water and remove any residual stems that prevent it from burning evenly or can make it become harsh.

Isfahani has 250 gram packages that allow for Hookah users to smoke several times a month or with large groups of friends. This size is not resealable so it is recommended to keep it in an air tight container at room temperature so it doesn't lose its freshness.

Tombac is smoked in one of two methods. The first method involves breaking up the previously soaked leaves into smaller pieces similar to modern tobaccos and placing the hookah coal directly on top without using foil on an Egyptian Clay Bowl. If you choose this method, make sure it is packed fluffy and put the larger pieces on the bottom with the smaller ones on top as it helps decrease the amount of debris that can fall into your stem. The second method involves rolling up the tobacco leaf like a vertical cigar and then placing the coal securely on the very top of it. Isfahani is the only hookah tobacco that captures the authentic taste of traditional hookah smoking, and unlike modern tobacco brands, you'll only get the pure, fresh taste of natural tombac tobacco leaf. It is very strong and will likely ghost your hose so most regular users have a hose designated for only smoking this. This type of tobacco has a lot of nicotine and a strong buzz so it is not meant for beginners or the faint of heart.


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