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Jibiar Hookah Tobacco.

An unusual novelty straight from Turkey - gentle, but at the same time saturated, JIBIAR tobacco will present a real gamut of positive emotions in the process of smoking a hookah. What is special about it, and why it is worth making your choice in favor of JIBIAR - let's try to figure it out together. Excellent Turkish tobacco appeared on the market recently. However, during the short period of his existence, he has already managed to win the hearts of fans to smoke a hookah. Smoky and natural, it is able to wrap the smoker in a delightful wave of unusual aroma and original aftertaste, which in any case will want to feel again. The main feature of such tobacco lies in the ingredients that make up its composition. The manufacturer pays great attention to the production process, so the product consists only of high-quality tobacco leaves, molasses, glycerin and exclusively natural flavors.

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