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Hookah John

Knurl Hose

  • $ 79.99

The Knurl Hose is finally here, after much R&D and R&D. Research and Development, and, Results and Delivery, by HookahJohn.

We have been working on this hose since 2017, and finally it is here.

This hose weighs 1.75 lbs fully assembled and is 75 inches long.

The handle alone is 16 inches and weighs 1.2 lbs.

It is made with 6061 T6-511 Aero Space Grade. Aluminum and is coated with type 2 black anodized aluminum oxide, which converts the out layer of aluminum to ceramic oxide. This will never rust or break.

The Knurl hose is machine made in the US, the aluminum parts that is.

Choose one of the 4 models shown, and enjoy this amazing hose.


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