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Lavoo Hookah MP1X-Jr.

  • $ 499.99
  • Regular price $ 559.99

The Lavoo MPX1-JR offers up all the amazing features of its older sibling, just in a smaller package. Featuring Lavoo's unparalleled glass on glass technology, you won't find a better looking or better functioning hookah on the market.

The Lavoo MPX1 Junior hookah uses no rubber grommets. Instead, all parts and connections on this hookah are glass to glass. What you end up with is unsurpassed seals, and the biggest, purest, tastiest clouds around.

The MP1X-JR consists of 5 pieces:
1) Custom Black and Gold Metal Stand
2) Lavoo Glass Body
3) Lavoo Glass Bowl/Downstem Combo (One Piece)
4) Lavoo Glass Release Valve (with Glass BB)
5) 72 Inch Washable Hookah Hose

The one piece glass hookah bowl/downstem combo extends almost halfway down the body of the hookah itself. The included stand is very minimalist and is really sharp looking. It is 100% necessary for this hookah to function as it could not stand on its own.

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