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Lavoo Hookah MP5 Deluxe

  • $ 389.99
  • Regular price $ 399.99

The MP5 Deluxe glass hookah by Lavoo takes the design of the Lavoo MP5 and makes a few modifications, including a bigger tank which offers up purer clouds before the need to purge. The purge valve  has been moved next to the hose valve, and both are at a 45 degree angle, making them more easily accessible and preventing unnecessary tension on the hose port.  The purge valve can be removed and another hookah hose can be added, creating a 2-hose hookah. The MP5 Deluxe comes with a plastic washable hookah hose. The Lavoo MP5 Deluxe is a hookah made to order. It takes 2-4 business days to make your hookah.


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