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The water pipe Made in Germany with a TÜV certified production process. With the MAGNUM Shisha from the "Industry" model series, there is innovation in every technical detail. In addition to the exceptional quality, the functionality and design of the Shisha are also convincing.

The design of the smoke column alone shows that the technical quality is also reflected here. All metal parts of the hookah are made of stainless steel. Czech masters of glass art make the bowls out of crystal glass.

Inspired by the centuries-old Ottoman smoking tradition, the designers worked with the constructors to develop the exclusive handmade MAGNUM bowl made of crystal glass. Czech masters of glass art make the bowls with the finest handwork. The glass body is mouth-blown and then processed so that every bowl is really unique. This is how design products made of Bohemian crystal glass are created, the exclusive quality of which can be seen at first glance.

The Magnum Industry valve balls are made of rubber whose origins come from the pneumatics industry. The rubber ball does not stick and improves the smoking experience!

By the way: You can easily see whether you have a water pipe with an original MAGNUM bowl in front of you: You will find the M from the logo under every MAGNUM bowl.


Note: Our bowls are all hand-blown and hand-made, which means that small air bubbles can appear in the bowls. This is not a reason for complaint!

Details:  Height: approx. 50 cm, connections: 1, plate material: stainless steel, smoke column material: stainless steel, immersion pipe material: stainless steel, bowl material: Bohemian crystal glass Closure: screw cap, innovative blow-out system

Scope of delivery: 1x base, 1x carbon plate, 1x smoke column, 1x immersion pipe + screw-off diffuser, 1x head connection, 1x head adapter, 1x valve plate 2-fold, 1x hose connection, 1x hose adapter, 1x valve ball



MAGNUM products are made from carefully selected materials. Please handle them carefully so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

  • Use a conventional stainless steel cleaner to clean the products
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to clean

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