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Minzari Hookah Crown Heat Management

  • $ 87.99
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The Minzari Hookah Crown is an all in one bowl and heat management system which is crafted in the United States. It is engineered to allow for maximum flavor and long lasting hookah sessions. What is unique about the Minzari Hookah Crown is that it is loaded quite differently from a traditional hookah bowl. The shisha/tobacco is placed on the top of the bowl, allowing for the coals to heat it from the bottom. This technique eliminates charcoal taste and odor and cooks the shisha evenly by letting you control the heat using the movable platform below. The Minzari bowl is made from rust-resistant material and will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. The Minzari Hookah Crown comes in an elegant magnetic clasp box which is great for transporting it.

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