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Mob Ecoal Electric Bowl

  • $ 180.00
  • Regular price $ 249.99

Mob E Coal

Introducing our latest innovation:

The wireless charcoal-less hookah head.

Enjoy a seamless smoking experience for up to 2 hours without the hassle of charcoal.

Elevate your hookah session with convenience and sophistication.

Ecoal by Mob. Heat up the tobacco without charcoal! You actually put tobacco  in the Ecoal and no more charcoal worries! You can adjust how hot you like your bowl! 

Do not put in water! It’s electrical!

Do not put coal on it!

Any used electrical items are not returnable. Any warranty issues must be taken with manufacturer.This item is non refundable or exchangeable due to the nature it’s a electrical item and can be misused improperly.

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